Sunday, May 1, 2011

My LURVELY cousin's little boys had outgrown these
bunk beds. There are immaculately made and solid.
The type of furniture you just can't buy anymore. :(
I snatched them up. Quick.
They sat in our spare living room for a while. Umm. 3 weeks exactly.
I have an excuse ! It's been raining it's little heart out almost
since we moved into this place. Boo-yah !
Well, the rain broke today long enough for dear Fiance and I
to put in WERK ! He sanded and I stained. Red Mohogany
finish again. I'm in like with this stain. We have a love-hate
relationship because I can't get out of a project
without having it all over me. 

Before stain.

After Red  Mogogany stain.

 Done !

My favorite thing about this bed is where
I can see my little cousins had played Tic Tac Toe.
I made sure not to cover it.

THEN the rain came. I had to carry these
bad Mamma Jamma's inside. BY MYSELF
b/c dear Fiance took the boys to play
basketball. That was fun. For me.

And back in the living room they rest. With it's 
twin nearby.. :)

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