Monday, May 9, 2011

Here's the final photo of my dear daughter's bed. All sanded, stained, and beautified.
She HAD to have one of those mosquito net canopies over her bed. I had two problems with this. 

1. I couldn't find one at the store I chose that day.
2. I don't like them. 

So, I improvised. I found two sheer striped panels for $7 each. Then, I found a teeny tiny towel rack for $3. Woo.. Love it.

I also added a small white pillow that I had as a young girl. She loved this added touch. It was also a nice spot for the Tooth Fairy to leave some Moolah the following night. :))

(I must add I hate that the a/c vent is right in the middle of this gorgeous-o creation. I may have to do some adjusting. But for right now, it suits just fine.)

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